Monday, 30 May 2016


Every day we fear that our cancer will return. Every ache and every pain keeps us awake at night. We struggle with the side-effects of our medications hoping it is enough to stop cancer returning. For some of us we won't be "cancer free" or " no evidence of disease" for very long. For me it was just two years.
  Is it worth it? To live the life we are left with once diagnosed with cancer. To struggle every day? To live in fear? To worry about death and leaving our loved ones too soon? To be too young to go into menopause but put up with the symptoms anyway? To feel like you suddenly have the body of an 80 year old?

  My answer is: Yes, absolutely. Because I am still one of the lucky ones. I am not stage 4. I am still here to live my life as best as I can. I still hug my daughter at night and get to see her grow.
  I've had cancer twice now and the fear is even greater. I struggle at times to keep myself together.

                                                      BUT I AM LUCKY